6 Best Shower Pans – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

Do you want to know about the best shower pan available in the market? Are you tired of those boring tiles and looking for some other alternative? Then, this review on shower pans would help you find an ideal solution for your bathroom. The bathroom decor needs a transformation and what can be better than adding to the shower and tub accessories. There are various shower pans that come in different styles and dimensions so that you can get exactly what your bathroom deserves. These pans come with a lot of features, which are enough to take showering at a whole new level for you. There are various materials from which these pans are made which include ceramic, acrylic and stone resin. Easy to maintain, these are worthy of the expectations you will hold it. Shower pans have every feature to make it an ideal choice for your bathroom.

DreamLine 36 x 36 Neo-Angle Shower Base

DreamLine 36 x 36 Neo-Angle Shower Base

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 2.8 
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Style: Neo-Angle Shower Base
  • Material: Acrylic capped ABS
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DreamLine 36 x 60 Shower Base, Center Drain

DreamLine 36 x 60 Shower Base, Center Drain

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions: 36 x 60 x 2.8 
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Style: Single Threshold Shower Base
  • Material: Acrylic capped ABS
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DreamLine 36 x 48 Shower Base, Center Drain

DreamLine 36 x 48 Shower Base, Centre Drain


  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 2.8
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Style: Single Threshold Shower Base
  • Material: Acrylic capped ABS
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PROFLO PFSB3434WH Single Curb Rectangular Shower Pan

PROFLO PFSB3434WH Single Curb Rectangular Shower Pan

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 34″ X 34″
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Style: Rectangular Shower Pan
  • Material: Composite
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New - .Kohler Purist Shower Receptor, 48 X 36

Kohler Purist Shower Receptor

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Dimensions: 50.4 x 38.5 x 9.4 
  • Weight: 232 pounds
  • Style: Low-threshold design
  • Material: Cast iron
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Best Shower Pan Reviews (Updated List)

1. DreamLine 36 x 36 Neo-Angle Shower Base

DreamLine 36 x 36 Neo-Angle Shower BasePacked with a bunch of features, everyone is keen to have this shower base in his bathroom. Available in dimensions of 36×36×2.75 inches, this shower base comes in white color and a neo-angle styled shower base. This adds to the look of your bathroom whatever decor it may have. One always tries to find a way, which is cost-effective, and this neo-angle shower base totally stands on this aspect also. Firstly, it comes at a cost, which is totally worth it, and its after-installation cost is not much too. Due to its resistance to scratches, it will remain beautiful and new forever. It does not require maintenance too so you do not have to bear any extra expenses.  The old and younger ones can enjoy taking a bath in your home as its slip-resistant nature eliminates any chances of accidents. Cleaning is always a problem for those who cannot see their bathroom dirty and not have much time, but this shower base being stain resistant does not allow stains or marks to dull its beauty.  Just give some time to cleaning and it will look new again.

2. DreamLine 36 x 60 Shower Base, Center Drain

DreamLine 36 x 60 Shower Base, Center DrainAvailable in stylish white colour in dimensions 60×36×2.75 inches, this shower pan comes packed with a number of user-friendly features, which makes it ideal to be a part of your bathroom. DreamLine, a worldwide reputed company has brought to you this shower pan, which has a scratch-resistant property that does not let anything to damage its vibrant look and also has stain-resistant quality that makes it an ideal choice. One of the special features is its larger cost-benefit ratio than normal bathroom tiles and easy installation. This shower pan not only looks more beautiful but also has a longer life when compared to tiles. A professional can install it very easily with little help in no time. This shower pan’s floor-pattern is slip-resistant that helps avoid any chances of mishaps that may occur due to an unfortunate slip. Due to the acrylic capped ABS material, no one can ever doubt its strength and durability, could be one of the reasons for its longer life. No matter what, this shower pan is totally worth your money.

3. DreamLine 36 x 48 Shower Base, Centre Drain

DreamLine 36 x 48 Shower Base, Center DrainAn ideal pick-up for your bathroom, this shower pan comes in dimensions of 48×36×2.75 inches, which is close to perfect when it comes to install it in your medium-sized bathroom. Being slip-resistant, it ensures complete safety while you are having fun taking a bath. One can use it separately as a custom shower base and also combine it with the remaining DreamLine accessories to give your bathroom a finished and royal look. Apart from complimenting your bathroom’s decor, this shower floor is no less in terms of strength and durability. It is made up of a special type of acrylic, which imparts stain and scratch-resistant features, thereby making it immune to any type of dirt and marks. One can easily clean its surface with a cleaner in much less time. This acrylic material is also the reason why it will remain as beautiful as the first day during its whole lifetime. Now gone are the days of those ordinary floor tiles when you have this shower floor with you. It comes with a more beautiful finish than tiles and is cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a shower pan.

4. PROFLO PFSB3434WH Single Curb Rectangular Shower Pan

PROFLO PFSB3434WH Single Curb Rectangular Shower PanThe Proflo PFSB3434WH Shower Pan comes in a rectangular shape to fit well in your shower cubicle. However, you can choose whether you would prefer to customize it as part of a shower project or to build it up in addition to a complete shower enclosure. Installation should be easy, but it is vital that you know that the sizing is not very accurate. You might need to rearrange your tiles and your bathroom if it does not fit correctly. It is, of course, equipped with a self-draining hole. It is located at the center of the pan. The pan comes in a classic white color. It will fit well with any bathroom surroundings. A significant advantage of this unit is the materials. Do not worry about slipping on the water. The base is noticeably sturdy, and the material provides resistance to slipping. Overall, this Proflo Shower Pan is considerably thicker to provide reliable support. You will find high-quality construction easy to maintain. The great features altogether will serve you well during years of exploitation.

5. Kohler Purist Shower Receptor, 48 X 36

Kohler Purist Shower Receptor, 48 X 36An amalgam of quality and long life, this shower pan by Kohler is the first choice for all those who consider performance as the deciding factor. This shower base promises to deliver an unmatchable experience to you along with a complete list of features. It includes its resistance to marks, scratches and its anti-dirt nature. In addition, its easy-installation ability will be with you forever and as beautiful as day one. It’s almond color imparts unmatchable looks, which will surely complement the decor of your bathroom. Made up of cast iron, there arises no question to its strength and longer life. It will not be prone to any kind of rust, as exposure to air and moisture will not have any ill effects on its surface. There are no chances of leakage after some years of its installation so you do not need to worry to change the floor for at least 2 generations. It has no comparison with normal tiles, as it is more glossy and strong in addition to slip and stain-resistant. One will be completely satisfied after its use because of its user-friendly features.

6. DreamLine 36 x 36 Quarter Round Shower Base

DreamLine 36 x 36 Quarter Round Shower BaseTalking about quality, strength and performance, this shower pan is undoubtedly an integrated package of features to give you an ultimate experience. Beautiful white color and quarter round tray-style are the reasons why it is considered unparalleled in terms of looks and style compared to similar shower floors available in the market. One can find a number of reasons to buy this floor set over those flooring tiles, as it does not require much maintenance. It is resistant to any sort of scratch and dirt. Now, you can go directly to take a bath after a soccer match because you do not need to worry about any marks to accumulate on the floor. Also, it is not prone to scratches, which make sure that it remains beautiful ever in your bathroom. The company has made sure that it is easy to install in a few steps just like it is easy to maintain during its lifetime. The acrylic material gives it a glossy look, enough to give your bathroom vibrancy, which is unmatched in every sense. The brand DreamLine is enough to tell you that this shower base is worth your every single penny invested in it.

Some Important Features You Must Look At

There exists a long list of features at which you need to ponder upon before concluding to the best shower pan for your bathroom, some of which are:

  • Size: There are various sizes of shower floors available in the market and you must see accordingly as per the space available in your bathroom. You must use the available space judiciously so that you may also do other chores with the same ease as before.
  • Scratch Resistant: It is generally seen that scratches get developed with time due to reasons like regular cleaning with hard material or due to the falling of some heavy objects accidentally. This feature of scratch resistance is very important; as it will ensure that it remains as beautiful as the day you bought it.
  • Stain Resistant: Cleaning is always considered a tedious task to do as no one has that energy and time to spend; keeping in mind everyone is busy with the hectic schedule. One must look for features like these so that cleaning does not become a problem for you. Stain-resistant features do not let any sort of dirt and marks affect your bathroom floor’s beauty and it will always look as lustrous and classy as always.
  • Easy to Install: A shower pan must be easy to install by a professional and not a hard task to complete. Easy installation is one of the features, which everyone must look for as normally installation often leads to breakage, and damage to floors. This even leads to wastage of money invested. You also have to think to install a sliding door or a curtain to prevent your bathroom from getting wet.
  • Strength and Durability: Look from which material the shower pan has been made very carefully. Materials like acrylic impart unparalleled strength to it due to which it will last a longer time than others available in the market.
  • Waterproof Design: A shower floor must be waterproof so that water does not accumulate on the surface after your bath. You also do not need to worry at all about watermarks because such a floor will not allow water to stand for a long time. This becomes the sole reason for watermarks.
  • Integrates With Other Systems: It is better to have such a shower base in your home that can be used separately and also integrates with other company’s different shower accessories. If it is so, it will be a great accessory for the money you have invested. No one will be interested in buying those shower floors, which can be used only with some specific components.
  • Style: There are various styles of shower bases available like neo-angle, rectangular, quarter-round, single threshold type and much more. One must see the best style of shower base for his bathroom depending on the space available. The shape must be such that it complements all other bathroom accessories present there.
  • cUPC certified: You can get an idea of the authenticity of shower pans depending on the certification it has received. cUPC certification means that the shower base follows the Canadian and American national standards. It shows how much the shower floors are safe and effective in doing its job. Several construction projects always check if the floors used are cUPC certified or not. No one can doubt its capabilities if it satisfies the stringent certification criteria after which it is given the certification.

Advantages Of Shower Pans Over Tiles

best shower pan

  • Strength: These shower pans are more strong and durable than ordinary tiles available in the market. There is a difference in material from which it is made. Such materials like acrylic impart the necessary strength to withstand anything possible. Strength ensures that you do not need to worry about changing such floors for at least a handsome amount of years.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Tiles need perfect grout, then they may need to be changed after some time but these shower pans are more durable and come with a lot of features than ordinary tiles. So they are totally worth your money spent on it.
  • Longer life: One can rely on a long life of shower floors if one maintains them carefully. So this is a kind of one-time investment, which will repay you at the end through its great performance and longer life.

Various Materials From Which Shower Pans Are Made

  • Acrylic: These bases are one of the most popular in the world. One of the major reasons why it has been the first choice is its lightweight and strength. In addition to being durable, it can be maintained very easily and needs minimum care. Most of the tubs are also made from acrylic.
  • Steel: The strength of such bases is obviously unmatchable. But these are more prone to damage by exposure to dirt, air, and moisture.
  • Ceramic: Though costly but such bases are very durable and will be there as new as ever and are worthy of every single penny invested in it.

How To Install A Shower Pan?

Shower pans are known to get installed easily with the help of a trained professional and using the appropriate tools and equipment. Steps to install a shower pan are:

  • Installing any shower pan does not require rare and uncommon tools as such but you will need some of the basic tools which one otherwise keeps at home. These include a hammer, power drill, washers, screwdrivers, tape measure, framing square, drill bits, screws, masking tape, carpenter’s level, pliers, hammer, wooden shim, silicone bath caulk in addition to a new shower pan which needs to be installed.
  • You need to measure the space available to you. Keep in mind these measurements while buying the right shower pan for your bathroom. Measurements must be taken very carefully from the walls that will come in contact with the pan and decide whether you will be taking the standard-sized pans or there is a need to order a special-sized pan. Generally, shower pans come in standard sizes which are 36×48, 36×42, 36×36 inches.
  • Now, you need to prepare the available space for the actual installation. First of all, clear all the solid debris off the surface and then clean the loose debris with the help of a broom. If there existed adhesive-like material on the floor, a paint scraping tool might help. Keep in mind while scraping that you do not edge out the fixed debris from the floor. Follow the surface preparation criteria as mentioned by the manufacturer of the respective shower pan.
  • Generally, it is advised to apply a coat of water seal product to make sure that the surface on which the pan will be installed is completely dry before installation. Do not install the shower floor until you are very sure that the surface beneath has no standing water on it and is completely dry because it can help mold and mildew grow which can affect its life.
  • “Dry-fit” is the next step of installation. It is performed to make sure that everything fits in as per requirement without using any bolts and screws. Make sure that the shower pan is not too loose or too sloppy and whether it requires anything for its stabilization or not.
  • Check whether the drain cutout in the shower pan is lined up or not and make sure that it fits as required over the main drain pipe. If it is not lining up, do not force it to do so as it may cause damage to the pan. After you are completely satisfied with the dry-fit, then only go for the permanent installation of the shower pan.
  • Attach the drain hardware as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer. The bottom of the drain may require a short coupling piece, which requires being slipped in the drainpipe in the floor before sealing it with a compression gasket. Level the pan by using wood shims and carpenter’s level and make sure that shimming is not too high as it may elevate the pan unnecessarily. Once it is leveled, see where the top of the pan meets the studs and mark that place. Locations of shims can also be marked in case you need to move the pan in the future.
  • After marking, attach the pan to the studs and be very careful while doing so as over-tightening may lead to cracks in the pan. Fill all the remaining holes with silicone bath caulk to make it waterproof and so that any leakage does not occur because of any such holes. Check again that all the components are fitted in properly and there is no leakage and holes left.


Best Shower Pan Comparison Chart

DreamLine 36 x 60 Shower Base, Center Drain
$$$$36 x 60 x 2.8 inches46 poundsWhiteSingle Threshold Shower BaseAcrylic capped ABS
DreamLine 36 x 48 Shower Base, Center Drain
$$$36 x 48 x 2.8 inches40 poundsWhiteSingle Threshold Shower BaseAcrylic capped ABS
DreamLine 33 x 33 Quarter Round Shower Base
$$33 x 33 x 2.8 inches22 poundsWhiteQuarter Round Shower BaseAcrylic capped ABS
DreamLine 36 x 36 Neo-Angle Shower Base
$36 x 36 x 2.8 inches26 poundsWhiteNeo-Angle Shower BaseAcrylic capped ABS
Kohler Purist Shower Receptor, 48 X 36
$$$$$50.4 x 38.5 x 9.4 inches232.1 poundsAlmondLow-threshold designCast iron

Wrap Up

Now is the time of the shower floors due to the enormous features they carry with them. There are various reasons why they are becoming trendier than all other alternatives present in the market like easy installation, anti-stain and anti-dirt and ineffectiveness to air, moisture and water. The best shower pan can be customized with the same or different companies’ products and so there are no specific constraints on how to use them. Due to these features, they always have been considered totally worth of the money spent on. A warranty offer adds to the reason why you should not think twice before buying them.