H2oVibe Rain Jet With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Polished ChromeIf you want the most luxurious possible showerhead for your money, you should check out this Bluetooth speaker showerhead. Not only does this showerhead offer you a great showering experience, but also it is further enhanced with the addition of your favorite music that can be played through high-quality speakers. You are not likely to find many other showerheads that can provide you with such a stimulating and enjoyable showering experience with the latest technology.

This helpful and in-depth H2oVibe rain jet review will show you just why this is such a great purchase for your home.


Benefits Of The H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

When you want something that is completely luxurious and that can provide you with a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home, there is nothing much better than this high-quality H20Vibe showerhead. These are some of the great benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you choose this showerhead.

  • This showerhead is highly affordable despite the many great features and benefits that it has to offer. Even those with a medium budget will be surprised at how reasonably priced this showerhead looks.
  • The speaker that comes with this showerhead can be removed when you are not using the shower so that it can be used in other areas of your home. You could even take it outdoors with you so that you can enjoy your music whilst you are relaxing in the sun on the beach for example.
  • The spray function on this showerhead offers you as much power as possible thanks to the micro nozzles that are built into the shower face. A smaller quantity of water is forced through the jets than with conventional showerheads yet you will feel up to 3 times more spray power.
  • The rainfall shower pattern will leave you feeling relaxed and clean and you will have all the benefits of the spa, all in the comfort of your own bathroom. You could even listen to some relaxing music through the clear speakers as you are standing below the rainfall showerhead.
  • Enjoy great performance even if you have low water pressure and regulated water pressure if you have high water pressure. This will result in you using less water and energy. The shower will also be under less water pressure, which will mean that it is likely to last for long.
  • Built from durable materials, this showerhead is sure to last.
  • The high quality polished chrome finish will not chip and it is sure to look great in any modern bathroom. It will go well with your existing faucets and fixtures in your bathroom and will give an elegant and stylish look.

Features Of The H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

New - Features Of The H2oVibe Rain Showerhead JetThis showerhead offers you some great features that you may not be able to find in other showerheads that have a similar price tag. Check out these additional features to find out more.

  • You don’t need to worry about your phone getting damaged if you take it in the bathroom, and you never need to miss a call again. The Bluetooth speaker allows you to receive calls directly from the speaker itself. You don’t need to touch your phone as the speaker also has a microphone built-in. A simple one-touch answer button allows you to answer your phone calls and any music that is playing through the speaker will be automatically stopped to allow you to take your call.
  • The speaker that is built into this shower head is high quality and delivers outstanding sound.
  • The extra-wide showerhead offers you a relaxing and soothing rain shower spray that will drench your entire body.
  • Simple installation does not require a plumber. This showerhead includes an instruction manual so that you will know how to attach it to your existing pipework.


  • Highly affordable despite the additional features
  • Extra-wide showerhead face
  • Spa-like experience
  • Bluetooth speaker that can be removed if desired
  • Answer calls from your phone


This is a fixed showerhead so you don’t have as much flexibility with it as you would expect to get with a handheld showerhead.


h2o vibe


There aren’t many showerheads on the market that allow you to answer your important phone calls even whilst you are in the shower. If you have a busy lifestyle or career and you simply can’t miss phone calls, this showerhead is something that you need in your life. The Bluetooth speaker also allows you to listen to your favorite music in the shower without worrying about your phone being damaged. This showerhead is a great choice for anyone who wants a more entertaining showering experience.