No matter what you want for your bath or shower room, you are sure to find the perfect bathroom furniture and accessories for your needs. From mirrors to saunas, you’ll find far more than just showers on our website.



When you want to soak your cares away, you could choose a high quality bathtub from the items that we offer on our page. We have selected only the very best freestanding and alcove bathtubs so that you can be sure that whatever product you order will be durable and high quality. From whirlpool freestanding bathtubs to basic left or right hand bathtubs, you will find something so suit your bathroom’s layout and your budget perfectly.



You’ll find all kinds of showerheads on our website. Whether you’re looking for a handheld or fixed shower head, you’ll find the greatest range here. Do you have very low or very high pressure? No problem. You’ll find showerheads that will either restrict the flow to save you money, or shower heads that can make even the lowest pressure water supplies feel as powerful as a high pressure system. Check out our range of showerheads to find budget ones, or showerheads offering additional features including lights and speakers.


Shower Panels

Shower panels are essential to protect your bathroom from moisture damage. When you shower, it is inevitable that not all of the water will flow directly to the drain hole. To stop water from escaping from the shower area, you should check out the many shower panels that we offer. They can really save you a headache when it comes to cleaning your bathroom and keeping the floor and walls as dry as possible.



We have a wide and luxurious range of saunas available for you to purchase. You could enjoy the experience of the spa from the comfort of your own home. Whether a steam sauna or an infrared sauna would be best for you, you’ll be able to make your own mind up using the helpful buying guides that we offer.



There are all kinds of other bathroom accessories and fixtures that we have to offer too. You could choose from faucets, extractor fans and even fogless bathroom mirrors to find the best products to equip your bathroom. Whether you’re simply adding or replacing one or two items or if you’re going for a complete remodel of your bathroom, you’ll find what you need on our website.

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