5 Best Steam Showers Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2017)

For a relaxing and deep cleansing showering experience, why not bring the benefits of the spa directly to your own home with a steam shower. These steam shower reviews will show you just how much luxury and style you could add to your bathroom and you will be amazed at the extra comfort and relaxation that you could add to your lifestyle.

A steam shower is an expensive commodity to add to your bathroom, so it is important that you choose the best one for your needs the first time to avoid needing to replace it in a short amount of time. We have included a buying guide to help you choose the best steam shower, which you’ll find after our steam shower reviews, as well as some information about how to install one for yourself so that you can save time and money when it comes to labor and installation.

  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • Platinum Pivot Door Steam Shower
  • PRICE $$$
  • Product Dimensions : 35.4 x 47.7 x 84.6 inches
  • Item Weight : 150 pounds
  • Voltage : 220 volts
  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • ARIEL 300A Steam Shower
  • PRICE $$
  • Product Dimensions : 48 x 36 x 85 inches
  • Item Weight : 493.8 pounds
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • Bath Masters Home Bathtub Spa Sauna
  • PRICE $$
  • Product Dimensions : 36 x 36 x 82 inches
  • Item Weight : 298 lb.
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower
  • PRICE $$$
  • Product Dimensions : 63x 63 x 89 inches
  • Item Weight : 577.6 pounds
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • 3.2 Customer Rating
  • Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit
  • PRICE $$
  • Product Dimensions : 35 x 55 x 85 inches
  • Item Weight : 80 pounds
  • Voltage : 110 volts

Top Steam Showers

1 Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ Pivot Door Steam Shower with Left Side Configuration

This steam shower set comes with everything you need for the most luxurious sauna experience in the comfort of your own home. Not only do you get the basics of a steam shower generator and enclosure, but you also get plenty of other benefits and features to enhance your experience.

This steam shower comes complete with a shower enclosure. The enclosure features a glass door with a polished chrome frame for a modern and elegant look. It also comes with a base that has a wooden floorboard style finish to give your shower the look of a luxurious spa, making it an enjoyable place to sit and relax in.

This set comes with an oversized rainfall shower head. This gives you wide coverage and will ensure that you can enjoy a refreshing and soothing shower experience when you are winding down after a long day. For a more rigorous and rejuvenating showering experience, this steam shower also has 6 body massage jets offering an acupuncture style massaging shower pattern. The handheld shower attachment allows you to have even more freedom in the shower, and you could even use this for cleaning the shower enclosure once you’re done.

Chromatherapy lighting is included. This will set an ambient mood in your shower and will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

If you enjoy listening to music whilst you are in the shower, you’ll be pleased to know that this steam shower even comes with an inbuilt FM radio. The computer control panel that comes as part of this steam shower ensures that you can easily change the shower settings as well as control the radio and the lights.

This is a great steam shower kit, which comes with everything that you could possibly need. It is easy to use and features a great looking enclosure too. The number of features that come with it ensurs that it will remain future proof so that you can use it in your home for many years to come.

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2 ARIEL 300A Steam Shower

Add a splash of color to your bathroom with this ARIEL 300A Steam Shower. It comes with everything you need to have your very own complete steam shower set up in your bathroom. You can have a highly luxurious and great quality steam shower in your home so you won’t have to go to the spa ever again.

The steam generator that comes with this kit has a power output of 3Kw, giving plenty of power to fill a medium-sized shower enclosure with steam. The generator is made from durable stainless steel and it will not rust or become clogged due to mineral build ups.

If you want the best possible showering experience, even when you’re not using the steam function, then you’ve got it with this steam shower set. It comes with a rainfall showerhead that is mounted to the ceiling and can be pivoted in your direction. You will also get a handheld wand showerhead too so that you can move the shower to harder to reach areas or simply to clean the enclosure once you’re done. 6 body jets give you a deep and soothing body massage.

To allow you to relax and stay in the shower for longer, you will get a bench with this steam shower. The bench will be installed sloping slightly downwards to allow water to flow off it and to give you comfort.

The enclosure that comes with this steam shower looks great. It is tinted with a cool blue color and the tempered glass ensures that it meets safety standards. The built-in digital control panel allows you to easily operate the steam shower and you can enjoy a great looking piece of bathroom equipment that can also offer you a deep and refreshing cleaning experience. You’ll never need to leave your home again when you want a professional style steam sauna experience.

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3 Bath Masters 8004-A Home Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Shower Room With LCD Display, Massage Jets, LED Lights, FM Radio

This free-standing shower enclosure is perfect for placing in the corner of any bathroom. The fully waterproofed unit will ensure that no moisture can escape whilst you are using it and you will be able to benefit from the many other features that it has to offer.

First of all, you should understand that this is not a steam shower. It does not come with a steam generator, so if you want to use this enclosure as a steam shower unit, you will need to purchase a steam generator for it separately.

This shower system features six body massage jets. These can provide an acupuncture style massage treatment. There is also a reservoir where you can use aromatherapy oils. The aromatherapy system provides you with a relaxing and spa-like treatment. In addition to the massage jets, you will also receive a hand held shower hat and an overhead showerhead. The overhead shower is an oversized rainfall style showerhead. This will provide you with a soothing and relaxing showering experience.

This shower enclosure set comes with our computer control panel. This features touchscreen technology with a loud speaker and microphone. You will be able to listen to your favorite music and answer your phone calls. Blue fluorescent lighting is included to set the mood and you will also get to ceiling lamps to add light to the shower area. Ventilation fan is included as well as fog free mirrors. The glass on the enclosure is also fog free.

The shower heads and the other accessories are made from high-quality and durable copper. The shower enclosure itself features a chrome plated frame. All handles and other fittings are also finished in chrome. This will help you to match the shower enclosure units and the features inside with the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

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4 ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

If you would like to enjoy a great steam shower experience as well as the choice of having a bath, you should check out the ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub. This is a great combination set that allows you to enjoy the ultimate showering experience whilst also giving you the option of enjoying a whirlpool bath if you wish. As the enclosure encases the bath and the shower you can be sure that this will be a space-saving solution for your home.

The whirlpool bath is a large 2 person bathtub that has 2 seats so that you can sit comfortably for the duration of the time that you spend in the steam shower enclosure. A step allows you to get in and out of the bathtub easily and there are 2 separate handheld showerheads so that 2 people could shower simultaneously.

10 body massage jets ensure that you can enjoy a powerful massaging water spray pattern for a refreshing and energetic shower massage whilst the overhead ceiling mounted waterfall shower provides you with a soothing and relaxing spa-like flow.

The 3Kw steam generator creates enough steam in this shower enclosure to ensure that you can enjoy a beneficial and relaxing steam sauna. You can also enjoy Chromatherapy lighting if you wish to as this shower enclosure has the capability of having this feature optionally fitted.

Unlike any other product on the market, this bathtub can even offer you a relaxing foot massage. Just sit on the seat, activate the relevant function and you can enjoy soothed and relaxed feet after a long day.

The beauty of this steam shower kit is that has absolutely everything that you could possibly need and you can enjoy a roomy showering experience alone, or spend time with your partner.

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5 Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit Glass

This steam shower set is not only great quality, but also it comes with the enclosure unit that you need to fully waterproof your room against damp problems caused by steam. You can experience the soothing and relaxing benefits of a spa treatment daily in your own home with plenty of different features to further enhance your shower time.

A high-quality 3Kw output steam generator is included with this shower. It can be installed in a cabinet with ease so that you don’t have to worry about taking up valuable space in your shower enclosure. You could even install the generator tank in your loft or your basement if this will save you more space in your bathroom. The generator is self-cleaning to ensure that it is low maintenance.

The computer control panel allows you to operate this shower with ease. Not only does it come with handheld showerheads, but it also has body jets that can provide you with a relaxing massage. An aromatherapy outlet ensures that you can benefit from the healing power of essential oils if you wish.

The shower enclosure comes with the rectangular shower base and pan and a tempered glass door. The door is tinted blue to give a cool look to your bathroom and bringing a calming mood to your shower experience. The door is a sliding style door, which means that it won’t open out into your room. You won’t need to worry about considerations like a swinging door being able to fully open.

With a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can be sure that this steam shower will last you for a long time. The high quality and durable parts of all of the features of this shower unit will remain reliable and if anything should go wrong within those first 2 years, then you will be able to request a replacement from the manufacturer.

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Steam Shower Buying Guide

When you are thinking about buying a steam shower, you should bear in mind that there are some considerations that you will need to make before you make your purchase. It is important that your bathroom is suitable to equip a steam shower and enclosure so read these tips in order to find the best steam shower for your home.


Steam showers often come with an enclosure, which is designed to keep the steam inside the shower area. If the enclosure is not vapor resistant, moisture will be allowed to escape, which will mean that your bathroom can end up suffering from damp problems, which could extend to other areas of your home. The shower should have a moisture resistant tiling on the walls, and adequate waterproofing to the floor and ceiling.

In order to keep as much of the steam in the shower as possible, you should not only make sure that the shower enclosure is watertight, but you should also take additional measures to maintain the steam levels in the enclosure. Having a window in the steam shower enclosure isn’t a good idea, but if this is the only option, the window should at least be double glazed to keep the enclosure as warm as possible and to prevent the steam from being cooled by the window. Having an extractor fan or ventilation in the enclosure is also a bad idea, as these will extract the steam from the air.


The steam shower ceiling should not be any higher than around 8 feet. If your ceiling is much higher than this, you will need to think about getting a far more powerful steam generator, which is likely to end up costing a lot of money. If you have a steam generator that is not large enough for the space in your shower enclosure, there will not be enough steam for the shower to be effective.


As you will be spending a large amount of time in the steam shower, you will want it to be as comfortable as possible. There should be enough space in the shower enclosure for you to install an inbuilt seat or bench. The seating should be sloped to allow any water to drain straight off it.

You can save space in your shower with a folding shower seat if the space is limited. If there is plenty of room in your shower enclosure, then you could even consider installing a larger shower bench for greater comfort.


In order to prevent falls in the steam shower, you should choose one that has textured flooring or an anti-skid texture. This will mean that you won’t need to use an anti-slip mat. These can look unsightly and require more cleaning.

Many shower enclosures have glass doors. The glass must be tempered and strong to ensure that it will be as safe as possible.

If you must have lighting installed in your steam shower, remember that the fixtures will be exposed to a large amount of moisture. You should ensure that you only use light fixtures that have the maximum moisture protection rating.

Some steam showerheads can become hot to the touch when they are using the steam function. If you choose a showerhead that is handheld, you should make sure that the body of this showerhead is made from plastic and not brass. Brass steam showerheads are likely to be too dangerous to hold.


Installation of the steam shower may be very easy or very difficult. Whilst some people find that they are able to install a steam shower for themselves, if you have a bathroom that has an irregular shape or if you need additional plumbing and electric installing, you may find it easier to hire a professional.

When you are installing the steam generator there will be a large amount of leeway when it comes to the distance that you can place it away from the shower enclosure. This means that you could install the generator in a vanity cabinet in your bathroom so that it is out of sight, or if you want to save more room, you could even install it in your loft or in a basement.


When you get a steam shower, it may or may not come with a showerhead. Even if it does come with a showerhead, you may be able to choose your own alternative one. This allows you to fully customize your steam shower experience. Choose a rainfall or waterfall showerhead if you want to have a more spa-like experience. You could use body jets for an energizing massage. Some people like to use combination showerheads that give them the benefit of an overhead showerhead and a handheld attachment.

You should ensure that the showerhead is positioned opposite your seating area to ensure that you can sit comfortably whilst you are positioned in the shower enclosure.


Some shower enclosures come with LCD computer displays on the controller so that you can have a fully customized showering experience. Whilst not all of these steam showers come with the option to install the install the control panel in the shower itself, you can find some that have waterproof controls, which can be placed either within the shower or on the wall just outside the shower enclosure.

The best place to position the shower controls is around 4 or 5 feet from the level of the floor. You should also install it on a wall that is convenient for the user and away from the flow of the steam.


You will need to ensure that you have all the necessary connections available for installing the steam generator. You’ll need a water line in order to supply the generator with water for the steam. The generator will also require an electrical connection to heat up the water. From the generator to the shower enclosure, there should be a steam line. You will also require a drain for the base of the shower enclosure. You should bear all these various connections in mind when you are planning the location of your steam shower enclosure.

What is a Steam Shower?

best steam showerA steam shower is a great appliance to add to your bathroom. You can add luxury and functionality so that you can impress your guests and enjoy the many health benefits that steam showers have to offer.

A steam shower features a steam generator. This is a tank of water that is heated up until the boiling water creates a steam. This is then fed into the shower area using a steam showerhead. The generator does not need to be installed in the shower cubicle itself and they can be easily installed in a nearby vanity cabinet in your bathroom, or even in the loft or a basement.

The shower is controlled using a control panel that will come with the steam shower generator. These are often waterproof, or at least splash proof but you should check before you install it to make sure that it is suitable for installing in the shower enclosure itself.

When you buy a steam shower you will also get a showerhead. This shower head will be like most other showerheads on the market. When you are not using the steam setting, you will be able to use the showerhead as you would a normal shower. There are different ones that you can use, including rainfall, waterfall, massage, and combo shower heads so you should make sure that the one you get with the steam shower is the one that you will be happy using. You will usually find that you can replace the showerhead with ease if you would rather use a showerhead of your own choice.

In order to relax for longer lengths of time whilst you are in the shower enclosure, steam showers have a seat or a bench installed onto the wall. If the shower enclosure area is relatively small, you should consider getting a folding seat that could be folded up when you don’t need to use it. For larger shower enclosures, some people like to install a bench. The seat or the bench should slope downwards a little to ensure that the water pours off instead of staying on the seat.

For additional luxury, some steam showers have even more features. If you have a larger budget for your steam shower, you will be able to choose one of these even more luxurious steam showers. How about an inbuilt radio? You could be enjoying your favorite radio station from the comfort of your steam shower as you relax. Chromatherapy lighting ensures that you can choose ambient lighting in your shower cubicle for additional comfort and to create a soothing feeling.

The great thing about steam shower enclosures is that they can be made to your specification or you can choose one that is ready made so that all you need to do is fit it together. You can choose from all kinds of styles and finishes to match your existing bathroom or else you could choose to have one custom built to match your décor perfectly.

Steam Shower Installation

Installing a steam shower is not an easy task. They are complicated to put together and require precise finishing to ensure that the enclosure will not leak. If you feel that you would like to attempt installing your steam shower for yourself, you can check out this guide for the basic steps to installation.

  • Before you begin, the walls should be tiled properly and the ceiling and floor should be finished with a waterproof material such as plastic or tile. Check the manual. Your steam shower should have come with instructions for installation and every one is different. All pipework, electrical points, and drains need to be in place before you can install the shower enclosure and features.
  • Fix everything to the wall first. Any showerheads should be connected to the existing pipework and the mountings should be securely mounted to the wall. Remember to fit any controllers on a wall that is away from the steam generator outlet.
  • Find somewhere for the steam generator to go and connect up the steam delivery pipe. You may need to drill into the wall and finish the hole if the generator is not stored in the shower enclosure.
  • Add any additional attachments and features such as lighting, towel rails, and aromatherapy trays before you proceed as it may become difficult to get to the walls again. Use sealant to ensure that all edges are completely watertight in the shower and use sealant where any pipes go into the wall.
  • If the shower enclosure comes with a bath, you will need to fit that to the wall and plumb it in. This includes the drain and the faucet. If the shower has a base, you will need to lay that. Ensure that you use sealant around the top of the bath or the shower base.
  • Build the enclosure door or front and fix it carefully to the wall. Remember to seal the gap between the wall and the enclosure door.

Best Steam Shower Comparison Chart

Platinum Pivot Door Steam Shower$$$35.4 x 47.7 x 84.6 inches150 pounds220 volts
ARIEL 300A Steam Shower$$48 x 36 x 85 inches493.8 pounds110 volts
Bath Masters Home Bathtub Spa Sauna$$36 x 36 x 82 inches298 lb.110 volts
ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower$$$63x 63 x 89 inches577.6 pounds110 volts
Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit$$35 x 55 x 85 inches80 pounds110 volts

Wrap Up

Installing a steam shower is one of the beat ways that you can add maximum luxury to your bathroom. Not only will you be able to impress your guests when they visit, but you will also be able to relax in the kind of luxury that until now, you only believed was possible in the most expensive spas. The many health benefits of using a steam shower can help you to enjoy better hair and skin and even better overall health. You can also enjoy additional features that you wouldn’t expect with a standard shower, including aromatherapy treatments and chromotherapy lighting.

These best steam shower reviews do not give you a comprehensive list of what you can find on the market today, but they can give you a good idea of the kind of steam showers that you can buy today. As long as you choose one that is right for your home, you are sure to be able to enjoy a high quality and unique steam showering experience for many years to come.

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