8 Best Led Shower Heads – (Reviews & Guide 2019)

Maybe you don’t realize it but one of the most important places in your home is your shower. It is where you start your day and many times where you end it too. You go there to invigorate and wake yourself up in the morning, clean up after a workout and also to relax and unwind after a long day at the office.

Giving the fact your shower is so important to you maybe you should spruce it up a bit with an interesting and fun LED shower head. We have taken the time to do 8 LED shower head reviews to help you find the best LED shower head for your money.

Why add an LED shower head to your bathroom? One reason is it’s something different than most everyone else has. It’s also something that can change the mood of your bathroom and make it much less boring.

Here is a comparison on 6 of the best LED shower heads that we came across:

Dream Spa LED Shower-Head

Dream Spa LED Shower-Head

  • Price: $$
  • Type: Rub-Clean Jets LED Shower-Head
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Material: High-Grade Chrome Plated ABS
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HotelSpa® All Chrome 5 Setting LED/LCD Handheld Shower-Head

HotelSpa® All Chrome 5 Setting LED/LCD Handheld Shower-Head


  • Price: $$$
  • Type: LED Hand Shower with Temperature Display
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Material: Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose
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YOO.MEE LED Hand Held Shower Heads With Temperature Display

YOO.MEE LED Hand Held Shower Heads with Temperature Display

  • Price: $
  • Type: Modern
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Material: Plastic
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Luminex by PowerSpa LED Shower Head

Luminex by PowerSpa® 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: LED Handshower With Hose
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Material: Chrome Plated ABS, Stainless Steel
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Hotel Spa Giant Rainfall LED Shower Head

Hotel Spa Giant Rainfall LED Shower Head


  • Price: $$$$
  • Type: LED Rainfall Shower Head with Reflective Chrome Face
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Material: High-Grade Chrome Plated ABS, Stainless Steel
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Best Led Shower Head Reviews (Updated List)

1. Dream Spa LED Shower-Head

Dream Spa LED Shower-HeadThis LED showerhead by DreamSpa will spare your hands the burns and cold sensations. Nobody likes the routine of sticking the hand in the shower to check if the water is warm enough. The advantage of this unit over other shower heads is that it lights up in three different colors to show you the temperature range: blue for cool water, green for warm and red for hot water. These lights are charged by water. This means that there are no batteries required.

You can choose from 5 pressure settings. You might prefer a massaging function or a light rainfall and this shower head can provide both. Easily adjust the angle and enjoy the experience. The head makes for an exciting sensation because it disperses water and light at the same time. It might not be enough to replace bathroom lights, but it will create a romantic atmosphere.

What we liked about it

  • One of the things that impressed us the most about this unit was that it is a universal fit and installation is made very easy. In only a few minutes, you will be able to hop in the shower. Once you are in the shower, you will discover the second reason why we loved it so much – the light. The shower head will notify you when the water changes temperature, and it will even warn you when it is getting scorching.

Some Possible Drawbacks

  • One thing that concerns us about this shower head is that it produces a bit more noise than a standard showerhead. This noise will be created with the shift between LED lights and temperatures. This trait might not annoy you, but it is essential to know before you purchase it.

2. HotelSpa® All Chrome 5 Setting LED/LCD Handheld Shower-Head

HotelSpa® All Chrome 5 Setting LED/LCD Handheld Shower-HeadHere is yet another LED shower head product that has chosen to add a temperature readout in the showerhead itself. The team here feels that doing this makes it easy to quickly set the temperature of the water exactly the way you like it and to also make sure the water is not too hot before entering in the shower. The color of the lights changes depending on what temperature range the stream of shower water is currently coming out at.

This showerhead also includes a choice of 5 different pressure settings which makes it very nice too. You can cycle through such settings as power rain, massage and even a convenient water-saving mode too. It is a solidly constructed unit that is backed by a full one year warranty also.

  • What we liked about it

There were a couple of things we really liked about this model LED shower head. One of them was the fact it took absolutely no tools to install can be used as either a handheld or stationary shower head really gives you a lot of options when taking a shower.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One of the things we think should be changed on this model shower head is the length of the hose that comes with it. This made it difficult to use the shower head to help bathe small children or your pets. A few of us also mentioned that it seems to only display odd numbers in the temperature readout.

3. Luminex by PowerSpa® 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head

Luminex by PowerSpa LED Shower HeadThis is a showerhead that has many great features packed into it. Every one of us who tried it here really liked it and a few even stated they would purchase one for themselves. It even had some great water savings features built into it also. It would be fun for most kids to use and even we adults had some fun with it while testing it too.

The water pressure that is lost by the built-in water saving feature is somewhat offset by the fact air is drawn into the nozzle of this shower head and added to the water flow. It gave it a really nice massaging type feel to the stream of water that hits you. The oversized shower heads worked really well too. It is a sturdily built product that is backed up by a full one year warranty.

  • What we liked about it

The best feature about this shower head is that it is really two shower heads in one. It has both a fixed in place and handheld showerhead units. This made for a nice variety of water pressures and bathing options. It is very amusing to see the colors change as the water temperature gets progressively warmer.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One of the concerns we did have with this product is that even if the water pressure was good the lights were not very bright but they still made the shower head usable even if the lights were turned off. There also was some small leakage that we noticed where the hose attached that probably caused us to lose a little water pressure too.

4. Hotel Spa Giant Rainfall LED Shower Head

Hotel Spa Giant Rainfall LED Shower HeadThis great HotelSpa shower head is the perfect pick for the whole family. This is because the head’s height can be adjusted. If you are tired of shifting from a shower that is too tall to a shower that extends too low, then you will find this unit highly efficient and practical. The 11-inch extension arm gives you enough freedom to shift the height between showers.

The LED lights of the head will change throughout the shower according to the temperature range. From blue to flaring red, you will be continuously notified of the water degrees. No batteries are required as the colors are navigated by the temperature sensor. This state of the art unit will give your bathroom a modern and stylish look. Enjoy every shower without a single thought about the warmth of the water.

What We Liked About It

  • What appeals to us the most about this unit is that the arm can be extended or shortened. This ergonomic feature gives easy access to children and adults of different heights. The whole head is quite lightweight so that nobody has an issue adjusting it. It is particularly convenient for people with disabilities who might find it challenging to take a shower standing up.

Some Potential Drawbacks

  • The main issues that you might encounter with this product paradoxically lie with the extendable arm again. The material it is made from is plastic. This includes the nut. A metal nut would be able to rotate, while the plastic one of this unit does not turn. This makes adjustments more complex.

5. BSB Homeware LED Shower Head with Shower Hose 

New - LED Shower Head with Shower Hose - Color Changing LED Shower HeadThis showerhead had one of the brightest lights of any of the LED shower heads that we tested. It also had the most different colors of any of the LED shower heads on our review list. There was something very relaxing and therapeutic about using this shower head in the dark while listening to soft music. Needless to say, it provided a unique shower experience if that is what you are looking for.

It is a product that requires no batteries to run and runs completely off the pressure of the water flow going through it. This product was not one with the most pressure of the shower heads we tested but it was far from being the weakest either. It is a shower head that features a nice chrome look to complement its sturdy ABS plastic construction too.


  • What we liked about it

The bright array of LED lights on this shower head and the rainbow of colors it has looked really cool for sure. Kids especially will love this product and it will make them want to take a bath more often.

  • Some potential drawbacks

No shower head is perfect and this one is no exception to that rule. We really wondered why it does not come with its own hose as most handheld shower heads usually do. Shower heads are not always easy to match with existing shower hoses. We also thought the manufacturer might have done something to make the pressure coming out of the jets more forceful.

6. Getek Square 8 inch Led Shower Head With Temperature Sensor

Getek Square 8 inch Led Shower Head Temperature SensorThis is an excellent waterfall showerhead in itself. The LED lights that come with it only make it that much better and will definitely change the mood of your shower experience. If you add some soft music in the background it will be one of the most relaxing shower experiences you will ever have. This shower head was high on everyone here’s list of favorites during the testing.

It is the only square shower head we tested but that did not hurt our opinion of it at all. The 3 colors LED lights were bright and it was fun to watch them change colors as the temperature of the water changed. LED shower heads really make for a unique shower experience.

  • What we liked about it

The waterfall design allows a very generous stream of water to cascade over your body as you shower. It makes it nice if you are running late to take a quick shower or you want to take a long hot shower to relax. The directions and the kit also made this a very easy product to install which we feel is very important when it pertains to changing shower heads.

  • Some potential drawbacks

Despite the excellent design of this product, it was not totally problem-free. It assembles very easily like was mentioned but the seal was no perfectly watertight and tended to leak a little. Of course, small leaks don’t matter too much inside a shower stall but you lose a little pressure when that happens too.

7. Premium LED Light hand Shower Head By MD&MS

Premium LED Light hand Shower Head By MD&MSHere is another LED shower head with many features to like about it. If you are searching for an LED shower head that will really brighten up your bathroom then this is definitely it. It features several different vibrant LED light colors that are very bright, to say the least. They really will light up even the most dimly lit bathroom.

Maybe your children don’t like taking a bath? Well having this colorful LED shower head to use can change all that. After they use this unique shower head a few times they will then want to take several baths each day. The colors on the LED display actually change depending on the temperature of the water.

  • What we liked about it

There are no batteries or wires needed for this LED shower head. It is a product that runs solely off of what is called hydropower. The stronger the pressure going into the shower head the brighter the LED light display is. It is a showerhead that is also designed to boost the water pressure coming out of it. We really liked the fact that this shower head had a built-in water filter and also comes with a full 1-year replacement warranty.

  • Some potential drawbacks

Even though this product seems to be built sturdy we were a little concerned about the material it’s made out of. It seems like it is built out of a sturdy plastic that is trying to pass itself off as a metal.

8. YOO.MEE LED Hand Held Shower Heads with Temperature Display

YOO.MEE LED Hand Held Shower Heads With Temperature DisplayThis is a very creative and interesting LED shower head to say the least. It is not designed to light up the tub area with different color lights like many other LED shower heads but it does clearly light up the shower head itself nicely and display the temperature the water is at. That comes in very handy to make sure you can bathe young children, pets and yourself safely without having to worry about scalding someone or constantly adjusting the pressure to get the temperature where you want it.

There was a whole list of nice things about this handy shower head kit. For one thing, it includes everything you need to install the new shower head; they even included a roll of Teflon tape. The LED display is bright enough to be seen even in a dimly lit bathroom too.

  • What we liked about it

The LED readout of the temperature certainly is a nice feature but it’s not the only good feature this shower has had. It is also designed to increase the pressure coming out of the shower head itself. There is a significant difference between the water jet pressure this model shower head has when compared to regular shower heads hooked up to the same flow of water.

  • Some potential drawbacks

As much as we liked this shower head we still had some concerns about it. We thought the area where the hose attaches to the shower head itself could be designed a little better because it seemed a little flimsy in that area. The power of the water jet spray is nice but you don’t always have the need for that much pressure in a showerhead. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the water pressure down on the shower head itself.

Led Shower Head Buying Guide

When choosing any type of shower head there are a number of factors that you must consider. This is true as it pertains to LED shower heads also and maybe even more so because of the lighting features they have built into them.

  • Price

priceOf course, price is always a prime factor in buying decisions and it is no different for LED shower heads. Be warned though you can’t just buy on price alone. You need to get the most out of the money you spend on an LED shower head. If two items are similar in price then you will have to look at the one that gives you the most additional features in order to base your buying decision. Considerations such as warranties should also play a big part in the LED shower head buying decision too; if you can get a much longer warranty for a little extra money then paying that price will be justified.

  • Ease of installation

This is a big buying consideration. The best LED shower head in the world will do you absolutely no good if it does not assemble easily. You want any LED shower head that you buy to come in a kit that requires you do not have to purchase anything else in order to install it. Some product descriptions will also state things such as “no tools needed for installation”; this is usually a sign of a very easy shower head to install. Check reviews also. If people have a difficult time installing a shower head you will hear about it in any reviews that are done.

  • Type of Installation

Shower heads are definitely not a one size fits all products. Most of us have some type of preference as to how we like to take our showers. Some of us like to just stand under a steady stream of water and let it do the work while yet others prefer to hold the shower head in their hand and move it around. So this must definitely be considered when making any LED shower head purchase. Some models are either handheld, stationary or a combination of both. There are even LED showerheads on our list that include both a stationary and handheld LED shower head set up in them.

  • Temperature Readout

Digital temperature readouts are a very nice feature to have on any model LED shower head that you purchase. LED lighted shower heads are great to use when bathing small children and pets because you can look at the temperature readout and see the water is not too hot for them. Over time you will also learn what your ideal temperature is for taking the type of showers you like. It takes the guesswork out of your water settings and also helps you avoid continuously adjusting your water control valves back and forth.

  • Number of LED Lights/Color

best LED shower headIt stands to reason that the more LED lights a shower head has the brighter it will be. So during your search make sure you find out just how many lights there are on a shower head you are interested in buying. You also need to note such things as where these lights are located on the shower head. Certain light positioning will do such things as lighting up the stream of water or direct the light out in a wider area. Also, note the colors that an LED shower head has. Some models only have 1 color of light, some have 3 colors that work in conjunction with the temperature and other models have a wide variety of colors that are built into them.

  • Durability

You don’t want to be replacing shower heads all the time so you want to get one that is built to last. There is no reason a shower fixture that has LED lighting cannot be a durable shower head too. Look for products that are built using such material as stainless steel or chrome finished ABS plastic. These are materials that are known to hold up well over a long period of time in a harsh environment such as a shower. The length of the manufacturer’s warranty can also give you a hint as to how sturdy they think their product is built.

  • Shower Head Design

You will obviously focus your search on a shower head that has LED lighting built into it but that should not be your only concern either. You also want any shower head that you buy to look good too. There is a large amount of variety in the marketplace to choose from. The best-looking shower heads have chrome or polished metal finish to them that really makes these LED shower heads stand out during the daytime too. You also don’t want to buy a shower head that is too bulky or has way too many other gadgets built into it too.

  • Adjustability

LED shower head reviewsIt is nice to have some options as far as the water flow of any LED shower head you are thinking about purchasing too. Some actually increase the power of the spray coming out of the shower head when you are using so it massages you as you use it. There are other times, such as when you are using your shower head to bath children or pets that you only want to use a gentle stream of water. An LED shower head that you can adjust the water pressure lower is great when it comes to doing these things.

  • Seals

You want an LED shower held that seals good once you put it together. You don’t want water dripping and spraying all over the place whenever you go to use it. This will do such things as cut down on the available water pressure coming out of it and it will be a product that is a nuisance to use. This also goes for the plumbing connections and not just the shower head itself. A product that has many seals and O-rings included in its kit has probably been designed to be put together in a way that it does not leak.

What is a Led Shower Head and How Does It Work?

Owning a LED lighted shower head is a truly unique experience and will add a whole new dimension to your showering pleasure. Many of us here did not even know such a device existed let alone how it works. Now that we know more about them we would like to share with you a little bit about how LED shower heads work.

  • Setup

The words “LED lighted” mislead many people into thinking that something special is needed to set up one of these unique shower heads but that is not the case at all. They install just like any other type of shower head you purchase online or at a store. That is why most of these or so easy to install. The fittings that are built into their parts are the same standard fittings that are on all bathroom fixtures. Most kits even included a shower hose and hardware kit to help make the installation easier.

  • Hydropower

head 2Many people also think that because these shower heads have lights that they will need a power source too but that is not true. These interesting shower heads supply their own power and there is no need for such things as batteries are attached wires to make them work. They run off of what is known as ‘hydropower’. It is a means of generating electricity just by the flow of water going through the device itself. You can use these shower heads for as long as you want and you will never have to change a set of batteries or worry about the amount of money they add to your power bill.

  • Temperature Sensing

Most every shower head with LED installed in it will have some sort of temperature sensing device in it that helps it work. Not every shower head is the same but here are some of the main purposes that the temperature sensing device is related too.

  • Temperature Readout

Many LED shower head models to include temperature readouts in them. There are 2 LED shower head models on our list that have this feature. These can make using your shower safer because they will let you know if the water is too hot before you enter the shower or let your children go in it too.

  • Color Changing

Many times a temperature setting device is also an integral part of the LED color changing scheme. Different colors often indicate different temperatures on many models LED lighted shower heads. There is blue that indicates cool water, green for warm water and red for water that is hot. Some will even flash red on and off when the water temperature is too hot for someone to get in the stream of water.

  • LED Lighting

LED light use on these types of shower heads varies greatly. On no models that we tested could you choose the color of light that was displayed yourself. On most of the models, the color of the lights was closely correlated to the temperature of the water. On the LED shower heads that had more than 3 colors of lights, the colors changed independently but were not based on the temperature of the water. The models that had LED temperature readouts usually display that readout in the same color that is currently seen on the rest of the shower head at that time.

As you can see these devices may appear to be simple in nature as to how they work but that is far from the truth. In reality, they are well designed and fairly fascinating shower fixtures.

Best Led Shower Head Comparison Chart


Our Final Thoughts on LED Shower Heads

Owning an LED shower head is not only different it can be fun for the whole family too. Kids especially love them and it makes it much easier to get them in the tub. Instead of you having to drag them in to take a bath they can’t wait to get into the shower and see the LED lighted shower head.

As we said a few times in this review article there are many different styles and types of LED showerheads available for purchase in the marketplace. As with any product, not all of them are quality items. Use this list of LED shower head reviews as your guide to helping pick out one that suits not only your LED light desires but meets your other showerhead requirements too. If you do that you will not have any problems finding the best LED shower head for your family’s needs when they bathe.