6 Best High Pressure Shower Heads – (Comparison & Guide 2017)

Have you had enough of your home’s low water pressure leaving you with just a dribble coming from your shower? If you want to enjoy a substantial and satisfying showering experience despite your low water pressure, this helpful guide may be just what you need.

We will review some of the best high pressure shower head for low water pressure so you can check out some of the products that are available on the market. If you don’t know where to start when purchasing this essential piece of equipment for your bathroom, read on to find our useful buying guide, which will give you some of the things that you need to think about. A good showerhead involves more than just a low price and good looks so make sure that you buy the one that has all the features that you need to suit your budget and bathroom decor.

  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Settings : 5
  • Material : High Grade ABS, Chrome
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Type : Handheld
  • Settings : 3
  • Material : Teflon
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Type : Handheld
  • Settings : 5
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Settings : 8
  • Material : Engineered Plastic
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Type : Rainfall
  • Settings : 1
  • Material : Solid Metal
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Take A Shower LLC Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head
  • PRICE $$$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Settings : N/A
  • Material : Metal

Top High Pressure Shower Heads For Low Water Pressure

1 WantBa 3.5″ High Pressure 5 Setting Massage Shower Head

For even the lowest water pressures, this high-pressure rainfall showerhead from WantBa will be certain to impress. The face of this showerhead is 3.5 inches across and it can offer a wide range of spray whilst you are showering.

The showerhead allows you to choose from 5 different spray options. Amongst the selections, there are mist, rainfall and massage functions, and mixtures of the three. This lets you completely customize your showering experience.

When you use this shower, you will be able to get 2.5 GPM flow control. In high-pressure systems, this ensures that the flow of water is restricted so that you will not use too much water and energy when you shower. In low-pressure systems, however, this shower ensures that water is still forced out of the shower head at a high pressure. You will not even realize that you have low-pressure thanks to this shower head. The flow is consistent and reliable. This shower head is also easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about it becoming clogged over time due to hard water.

This shower head is made to the same standard as hotel grade shower heads. You can be sure that it is high quality and that it will last. The manufacturer even offers a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee that this shower head will last you for many years.

You will be able to install this showerhead yourself without needing any tools and it will fit your existing plumbing connector.


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2 YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

For an affordable handheld shower head that performs well under low pressure, this YooMee high pressure shower head is just what you need. It can take your low pressure water supply and ensure that it outputs a strong stream of water. This can even be strong enough to create a massaging function if you wish.

If you have tired muscles and muscular pain, you can make the most of the powerful high strength water pause feature. This creates a high impact massage feature that relieves any pain that you may have in your muscles.

There are three separate functions that you can choose from when you are showering with this showerhead. The powerful shooting function allows you to quickly and effectively shower off, for example, if you’ve just got in from a run or if you simply need an invigorating shower before work. The massage function relieves any tired feelings in your muscles and you will be amazed at the force of the water stream even with a low-pressure water system. You can also choose a mixed function that allows you to enjoy both features simultaneously.

The stainless steel hose that comes with this showerhead allows you to remove it from the bracket so that you can reach difficult to reach places and you could even use it to clean your bath if you wish.

This showerhead comes with everything that you need to install the shower for yourself. It even comes with some Teflon plumbers tape to ensure that the connections will not leak.


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3 Hydroluxe Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower-Head Combo

This Hydroluxe shower head is one of the most luxurious showerheads available on the market today. Whilst it can provide you with a solution to your low water pressure problems, you can also enjoy the many other great features that it has to offer.

You will notice that this showerhead comes with 5 different settings. These 5 full settings are all offered to you with maximum power and performance so that you can get a luxurious showering experience each time you use it. The 5 functions include power rain, warm mist, massage, economy rain which will save water and pause to allow you to shampoo without turning the shower off altogether.

This is a 2 in 1 shower solution so you will get both a handheld shower head and a fixed one. You can use one on its own or both of them at the same time if you wish. You still won’t lose any power if you do want to use them simultaneously. The dual operation means that these two showerheads combined can offer you 24 different spray patterns including full spray and combined options.

The large, oversized face of the showerheads are 4 inches across, which gives you the best possible cover when it comes to showering. You will be able to change the spray patterns easily with the dial on the face of the showerhead.

A 5-foot hose comes with the unit so that you can have complete flexibility when you are using the handheld attachment. The hose is connected to a 3-way diverter that has an anti-swivel lock nut. This ensures that the hose will not cause the connection to become loose.

This showerhead is protected by a 10-year limited warranty to offer you peace of mind with this purchase.


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4 Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head 

This Speakman any stream high pressure showerhead is a great purchase for anyone trying to improve their showering experience despite their low water pressure. This adjustable showerhead is restricted to ensure that 2.5 gallon per minutes flow control. It can be installed easily without any tools and fits standard U S plumbing connections.

You won’t need to worry about the maintenance of this shower head as it has self-cleaning nozzles. These nozzles can be squeezed if necessary to release any mineral build up as they are made from rubber. This is especially useful if your water is particularly hard.

This high-quality showerhead has five adjustable jets. These jets can produce up to 50 different individual streams and eight different pulsating massage spray options. This can offer you a completely user customizable experience whilst you are in the shower so that you can feel like you are in the spa when you are in the comfort of your own home. You can switch easily between spray options with the use of the T-shaped handle.

This showerhead is not only highly functional, but it also looks amazing. It will look great in any modern bathroom. The high-quality Chrome finish will ensure that it matches your existing faucets and other fixtures.

This is a high-quality showerhead that features the same Grade Materials as those that are used in the manufacture of showerheads for hotels. You will get a Limited lifetime warranty to ensure that your showerhead will last for years.


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5 ShowerMaxx® Luxury Spa 6″ Circular Ultra High Pressure Rain Shower Head

The luxury spa high-pressure showerhead from ShowerMaxx is elegant and how we functional showerhead that has been designed for homes with low pressure. It features 19 precision engineered powered jets that can offer you a superior showering experience. The restrictive valve ensures that you get a 2.5 gallon per minute water flow but for homes with low pressure, the flow restrictor may be removed at Time of installation.

You will notice when you get this showerhead that it has been built to a high standard. The solid heat resistant ABS plastic that has been used in the construction of the body will insure that the showerhead will last for as long as possible. It is finished in chrome to make the showerhead look more modern and stylish. This is the kind of luxuries that you would expect to get in a spa or hotel.

So that you can get the best angle of the shower in your bathing area, this showerhead comes with an adjustable brass ball joint. This can be easily adjusted to ensure that you can divert the water in the direction that you wish.

To ensure that you don’t have two keep up regular maintenance of this showerhead, it comes with our water filter disc. This ensures that any mineral deposits that are in your water supply are removed before they get to the showerhead. In addition, there are anticlotting silicon jets, which will prevent any minerals from building up in the showerhead and blocking the water flow.


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6 Take A Shower LLC Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head

The fire hydrant spa plaza showerhead is a great choice if you want an option that will increase the water pressure in your home. This showerhead will not only increase the water pressure if you have low pressure, but it will also regulate the pressure in high-pressure systems. In general, this is a great showerhead for any home.

This showerhead comes with easy installation instructions. You won’t need any tools in order to be able to install it for yourself, and it comes with a high quality brass ball joint. This brass ball joint mount ensures that you will be able to freely move the shower head angle so that the water is directed to where you want it to go.

The water spray that comes out of the showerhead can be adjusted with ease. The fire hydrant shower offers various spray patterns that you can choose from with the simple twist of a dial. Some of the spray patterns include combination and massage.

Although this showerhead is highly functional, it also will look great in your bathroom. It is made from high quality materials and you will notice when you are on packaging it that it feels sturdy and durable. It is also finished in a high-quality chrome so that it will match any of your existing bathroom fixtures. The fire hydrant showerhead will probably suit modern bathrooms the best.

This is the showerhead to choose if you want a high-quality and high-pressure showering experience from your low water pressure system.


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High Pressure Shower Head For Low Pressure Buying Guide

Best High Pressure Shower HeadsThere are many benefits to choosing a high pressured shower head if you have low water pressure. Instead of having to try to get clean under a feeble low powered shower head that seems to simply waste water, these kinds of shower head will take the low pressure water that you do have and force it through small nozzle jets. These jets are nested in the face of the shower head and because they output a thin stream of water, it feels like it is using a lot of pressure when really it isn’t. This technique can help the shower to use less water and energy, which in turn saves you money on your water and energy bills all year around! Check out these points to consider when you are thinking about buying a high pressure showerhead to help you to make your decision.

Build Materials

When you are considering buying a showerhead, you should think about what material you want the showerhead to be made from. There are a couple of different options for you to choose from.

Solid metal bodies are the preferred construction method for fixed high pressure shower heads. Metal is particularly good because it can withstand the high pressure that will be forced through the shower and it is highly durable and long lasting. You should try to avoid metal bodies however if you are looking at handheld showerheads. If you dropped a showerhead in the bath for example that was made from metal, it could cause some damage to the bath and it may even cause you injury. Even if you don’t drop it, showerheads with metal bodies can be heavy so you could find your arm gets quite tired.

ABS thermoplastic is also used in the construction of showerheads. This is very lightweight but it can withstand pressure and heat. Whilst plastic isn’t quite as durable as metal, many manufacturers offer good guarantees on both metal and plastic body showerheads.


Whether you are buying a showerhead to replace an old one or if you are completely renovating your bathroom, you should choose a showerhead that will fit in with your bathroom’s décor. In order to do this, you can choose from a variety of finishes. These include polished and brushed chrome and nickel, stainless steel, bronze, white, and brass.

If you want to be certain that your showerhead will look like new for many years, you can purchase a high pressure showerhead where the manufacturer offers a warranty against the finish of the shower.

Energy saving

High Pressure Shower Heads ReviewsWhen you buy your new showerhead, it will be important to you that you can’t save some money in the long term. Being able to save water not only means cheap at water bills, but you will also be able to save money on the energy that you would use to heat that extra water.

Showerheads that have the WaterSense certification will be guaranteed to output only 2.5 gallons of water per minute. This flow rate is at the standard pressure of 80 psi. If you have fluctuating water pressure, this kind of showerhead will also ensure that your water pressure remains consistent.

If you have low water pressure in your home, you should look out for showerheads that have removable restrictor valves. This will allow you to take the restrictor valve out of the showerhead so that your low water pressure isn’t lowered any further.

Spray Patterns

When you choose at new showerhead, you should make sure that you buy one that has as wide a face as possible. This will ensure that you get the widest possible coverage from the water stream.

You should also look out for showerheads that offer you different spray patterns. If you want a spa-like an experience at home, you should look out for rainfall showerheads. Rainfall showerheads provide a drenching but gentle flow of water. This will be soothing after a long day at work. If you have any aches or muscle injuries, you would benefit from at massaging function. And massaging function outputs are the powerful stream of water, which can actually massage your muscles effectively, removing any stress.

Other Features

Some other high pressure showerheads can offer you, even more, features. How about a LED light that changes color when you are using the shower? You can find shower heads that display a blue, green or red light to let you know whether the water is the right temperature or not. Another great feature that you may like in your shower is a Bluetooth speaker. This would let you listen to your favorite music without worrying about getting your mobile devices wet.


When you buy your showerhead, you will usually get some sort of manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure that you check what the warranty covers, as some offer a limited warranty on parts only whilst others offer a warranty on the finish too so that you can be sure that the showerhead will look like new for many years.

Best High Pressure Shower Head For Low Water Pressure Comparison Chart


$$$Wall MountN/AMetal

Wrap Up

This selection of best high pressure shower heads for low water pressure reviews and our helpful buying guide highlight just how great these showerheads are for homes that have low pressure water systems. Thanks to products like these, you can throw out your existing standard shower head and replace it with one that will be able to deliver you a great showering experience without having to worry about your water pressure.

Remember that looking for the ideal high pressure shower head involves more than simply the design or your budget requirements and you should remember to look out for other features and design options to ensure that you choose the best one for your needs.

The best thing is that these shower heads do not have to be expensive and you can find some that are as low as $10, but if you do want something that is a little more luxurious, those are available too. The price range goes up to over $100 for some of the designer showerheads.

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