6 Best Low Flow Shower Heads Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2017)

Whilst many homes across America enjoy high water pressure, this isn’t ideal when your shower head puts out so much water that you notice your water bill rising quickly each month. If you want to save money whilst getting a good showering experience at the same time, then this guide is just what you need. Many of these showerheads have restrictor valves built into them so restrict the flow of water and they use the latest technology to ensure that you still feel that you are getting good pressure from your shower.

These showerheads have been designed for high-pressure water supplies. You will be able to find one that fits in perfectly with the existing décor of your bathroom so that you can enjoy a spa-like showering experience whilst saving money on your water bill despite your home’s high water pressure. Read on to find out more in our best low flow shower head reviews and check out our useful buying guide which will help you to consider all your essential requirements for your new shower head.

  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $
  • Type : Fixed-Mount
  • Flow Rate : 1.75 GPM
  • Material : Metal, plastic
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Flow Rate : 1.25 GPM
  • Material : Thermoplastic
  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Flow Rate : 1.5 GPM
  • Material : Solid Metal
  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Flow Rate : 1.85 GPM
  • Material : Plastic
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Take A Shower LLC Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head
  • PRICE $$$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Flow Rate : N/A
  • Material : Metal
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$
  • Type :Wall Mount
  • Flow Rate : 1.5 GPM
  • Material : Metal

Top Low Flow Shower Heads

1 Niagara N2517 Sava Spa 1.75 GPM Fixed-Mount Showerhead

This luxurious N2517 showerhead from Niagara will save you energy and money every time you shower. As it has a restricted flow of 1.75 gallons per minute, this fixed mount showerhead will maintain the water pressure at a constant flow. The oversized 4.5-inch shower head face ensures that you get maximum coverage from the water spray and is designed to give you the best possible showering experience.

The body of this shower head is made from brass and strong abs plastic. This ensures that this showerhead will be as durable as possible so that it will last you for many years. The plastic is heat resistant and can withstand high water pressures.

You can choose from a white or a chrome finish when you purchase this shower head. This will give you the ability to choose the showerhead that will be the best fit for your bathroom’s existing décor.

The showerhead comes with a 360-degree swivel mount so that you can alter the direction of the water flow as required. The showerhead itself has high-quality rubber jet nozzles so that if there is any mineral build up from hard water, you can simply squeeze the nozzles and this will dislodge any blockages. The whole showerhead has been designed to be easy to clean.

When you purchase this shower head from Niagara, you can be sure that it will last you for many years as it offers you a 10-year warranty. This warranty will cover the construction material and the finish for the duration.


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2 Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low Flow Showerhead

This high-quality massaging showerhead will give you a luxurious showering experience time after time. It will offer you a consistent flow rate of 1.25 gallons per minute so that you can wash well under this showerhead. The showerhead outputs a nonaerated spray, which ensures that the shower can flush itself out, making it easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Regardless of your water pressure, this showerhead will ensure that you have consistently good water pressure that will never be too low or too high. This can even save you money when it comes to your water bill.

In comparison to conventional shower heads, this shower head attachment can use up to 75% less water than many of the other “low-flow” showerheads that you can find on the market. As it restricts the flow rate to 1.25 gallons per minute, you can be sure that you will save at least 30% of energy and water in comparison to your old standard shower. This means great savings for you, especially over a few years of use.

The showerhead itself offers you 9 great turbo massage functions. You are able to choose from these easily so that you can customize your showering experience every time.

The body of this showerhead is made from thermoplastic and it is highly resistant to corrosion. This high-quality ABS plastic body is guaranteed for 10 years so that you can have complete peace of mind. The showerhead is finished in elegant chrome so that you can match it with your other bathroom faucets and fittings.


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3 High Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

High Sierra is a great brand that you can rely on and this high-efficiency low flow shower head would be a great buy for anyone who is looking for a great addition to their bathroom.

The patented design of the showerhead nozzles ensures that every time you shower with this unit, you will be able to enjoy a powerful spray whilst being sure that you are saving water and energy. This shower head features a restrictor that will restrict the flow of the water to that it only outputs 1.5 gallons per minute so you will be able to save at least 40% of the water that you would normally use. In addition, you will not need to heat that 40% of the water that you are saving, which means that this shower head will save you money on your heating bill too.

The high-quality showerhead has been designed so that it will not clog. You can enjoy less maintenance and the solid metal construction of the showerhead itself means that it is durable and built to last. The chrome finish will match most bathroom decors and makes this showerhead look great in modern bathrooms.

In addition, this showerhead has a splashguard that is made from high-quality ABS plastic. It will ensure that all the water that comes from the shower is directed towards the user instead of allowing it to escape around the shower. This plastic can be finished in any color so that you can match the entire shower assembly to your existing bathroom design.

In comparison to a standard 2.5 GPM flow shower, this item will save you around $50 per person in energy bills on average, make your great savings, especially if you have a number of people in your household.


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4 Delta 75152 3-7/8″ Single-Function Shower Head with H2Okinetic Technology

This in2ition two in one shower kit delivers high pressured water when you need it. It features an integrated fixed shower head along with a second hand held shower head. This shower gives you the best of both worlds and you can choose to either use the hand held shower head, the fixed one or both. You can be sure that you won’t lose any water pressure either if you do decide to use both at the same time.

You don’t need to worry about calling out a professional to fit this Delta shower for you. Its clear installation instructions and simple fitting mean that any homeowner can save money by installing it on their own. You will receive all the mountings that you need when you buy it and the great news is that it will fit on your existing standard half inch shower arm.

The fixed shower head has a swivel ball bracket so that you can easily alter the angle of it when you need to, and it is free to move in a 360-degree field. The shower heads are wide so that you can enjoy great coverage as you wash.

This shower head offers you plenty of user customizable spray options including H2O kinetic. This option brings you a unique and modern spray pattern, which sculpts the water flow into the soothing and calming waves.

You will get a lifetime warranty against the finish of this shower head, which is the same as other faucets and fittings in the Delta range.


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5 Take A Shower LLC Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head

If you want to reduce the amount of water that you use each time you shower, you should check out this low water pressure shower head. It doesn’t matter what your water pressure is like in your home. If you have low water pressure, this shower head will deliver a powerful stream of water so that you’ll forget about your water pressure, whilst those water supplies that are under high pressure will be restricted so that you’ll still get all the power without wasting water.

This Fire Hydrant shower head is one of the newest models on the market and it uses some of the latest shower technology to ensure that you can have a great showering experience that is economical too.

The spray function on this shower head is fully customizable. You can change it with ease to enjoy the various spray patterns. From invigorating massaging sprays to gentle and soothing sprays, you can create the spa-like experience that you want, right in the comfort of your own home.

The Fire Hydrant massager showerhead comes with a solid brass joint that it mounts to. This joint connects to your existing shower arm. You won’t need to worry about hiring a plumber to fit this, as it requires a basic installation that can be done by anyone. Full instructions are provided. The joint is a swivel style ball joint and this allows you to easily change the angle of the showerhead so that you can get the best possible use out of it.


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6 American Standard 1660.717.002 Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead

If you want to use less water without losing any performance, I do not try this American standard Flowise water-saving showerhead? The showerhead uses exclusive turndown technology that is patented by American standard. This offers you an invigorating shower experience whilst keeping your water and energy bills low. Your family could save around 8000 gallons of water each year through normal use.

This showerhead has three great spray patterns for you to choose from. Turbine spray, full spray, and combination spray allow you to customize your showering experience to suit your needs. You can fully adjust the angle of the spray so that you can suit your height under the position that you are standing in. No matter which of the shower spray patterns that you choose, this showerhead will always revert back to the basic 1.5 GPM flow rates each time you turn off the shower. This means that every time somebody uses the shower, the default setting will be the lowest possible flow rate, saving a possible water.

This showerhead ensures that despite the water savings that you will make, you will not notice any difference in the performance of the showerhead in comparison to one that does not have a restrictor valve. The water is dispersed evenly over your body, which creates an invigorating flow to refresh and rejuvenates your body.

American standard is one of the best-known brands in the country and you can be sure that when you buy this showerhead, you are purchasing one of the best possible low flow shower heads that you can buy today.


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Low Flow Shower Head Buying Guide

low flow shower head reviewsIf you’re thinking about buying a low flow shower head for your bathroom, you should read this useful buying guide. We’ll look at how much money you could save on water bills and the kinds of water saving features that you could take advantage of.

If you already have a shower and high-pressure water in your home, you may find that you can already get a great showering experience, but when you get your water and heating bill, you may gasp in shock sometimes at just how much water you’ve managed to use with that great high powered shower. One of the best things about low flow showers is that they save even more water than standard eco style showers and you don’t lose any of the power that you would expect.

On the other hand, you may find that your current eco shower head outputs such a feeble stream of water that you may as well be standing outdoors in the light rain. A low flow shower manages to restrict the volume of water that comes out of the shower head whilst maintaining a more powerful flow.

These low flow showers come in a variety of types and styles so that you can find the one that will suit your needs and your bathroom décor.

When you are looking around at low flow shower heads, you will notice that their efficiency is measured by the flow. This number is given in GPM or gallons per minute. The force of the flow is measured by the water pressure, which is in pounds per inch, or PSI. The more pressure that is bearing down on the water, the more water will be pushed out.

Water Saving Technology

low flow shower headIn a low flow shower head, special technology is used to produce the best results. Thanks to the technology that is used in these shower heads, the amount of water that is pushed through the shower head has decreased greatly. Where water pressure of 80 PSI was not restricted in the past, some of the older showers could use between 5 and 8 gallons of water per minute. In comparison to today’s standard restricted shower heads that restrict flow to just 2.5 GPM, this is a great difference. Low flow showerheads deliver just 1.5gpm whilst maintaining the pressure of 80PSI!

When you purchase a high-quality low-flow showerhead, you should notice that it produces the same satisfying power output regardless of whether your home has a low or high-pressure water supply. If you have a very low-pressure water system, you can purchase some shower heads that have removable flow restrictor valves so that you can improve the pressure that you get through the shower head. The alternative option is to purchase a low flow shower head that has an automatic restrictor valve to that you don’t need to worry about making your own adjustments.

Low Flow Shower Head Types

best low flow shower headWhen you are looking for a low flow shower head to buy, you will be able to choose from two main types.

A handheld low flow shower head is attached to a flexible hose so that you can reach the showerhead across your bath or shower area. These can be useful for those who want a shower head that is versatile and that can help them to clean more effectively.

The other main type of low flow shower head is one that is fixed. This is mounted to the wall and you can usually twist the shower head around to divert the water in different directions but you will not be able to move the shower head around your shower area so you should bear this in mind if you will be installing it over a bath. You may find that a handheld attachment is a better choice, as you will be able to clean the bath with it.

If you can’t decide what type of shower head you want, then why not choose a combination of the two? You can find plenty of low flow showerheads that have both a fixed and a handheld head so that you can use whichever is most convenient at the time. Some of these shower heads allow you to use both heads simultaneously although the lower quality ones can lose pressure if both showerheads are in operation.


You can find low flow shower heads that are very basic and have few features for around $10. These low priced showerheads are ideal for those on a budget. If you would like to ensure that you are buying the best possible shower head, you can expect to pay over $100 for the designer and more superior showerheads.

When showerheads are priced up, the pressure, flow rate, a number of spray settings and other features, finish and build materials are all taken into account as well as the design.

Best Low Flow Shower Head Reviews Comparison Chart

NIAGARA N2517 SAVA SPA 1.75 GPM FIXED-MOUNT SHOWERHEAD$Fixed-Mount1.75 GPMMetal, plastic

Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter what kind of pressure you have in your home. If you’re going to use a shower, it’s a great idea to choose a low flow one. These low flow shower head reviews give you some examples of what kinds of shower heads are available at the moment and there is something here for most people’s budgets.

As you can see in this buying guide, there are some great advantages to choosing the best low flow shower head as you will be able to save money on your water and heating bills, and you are not restricted to only a handful of options either. You can purchase luxury showerheads with low flow or you can find money saving budget low flow showerheads. You can even choose what kind of shower you want, including fixed, handheld or combo. With so much choice out there and so many benefits, you’ll be wondering why you never bought one before.

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