AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head, 8″ Review

For a highly affordable rainfall style shower head, this AKDY shower is one of the best around. It features a surprisingly attractive design with a clear plastic surround and a brushed chrome finish. It will be a great addition to your modern bathroom, especially if you are on a budget.

To find out more about why this oversized rainfall showerhead is such a great buy, you should check out this AKDY AZ-6021 showerhead review. We’ll take a look at some of the features and benefits that make this model such a great choice for fitting in your bathroom.

Benefits Of The AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head, 8″

When you purchase a showerhead, it is important that it will be beneficial to the users in your household as well as fitting in well with the design of your bathroom. These are some of the great benefits that this showerhead can offer you.

  • New - Benefits Of The AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower HeadThis showerhead has a striking and square design that will impress your guests and will complement your existing bathroom décor. A brushed chrome finish ensures that this showerhead will not be too obvious in your bathroom and will match your other fittings and fixtures. The clear plastic surround means that you don’t need to worry about it not fitting into your décor.
  • This is a surprisingly high-quality showerhead despite the fact that the body is made of plastic. The plastic is ABS thermoplastic, which will withstand high temperatures, and it is highly durable.
  • You can use the supplied installation manual to find out how to install this showerhead yourself. You don’t need any tools and the shower fits directly with your existing plumbing pipes.
  • This is a highly affordable showerhead and costs just a fraction of the price of many others on the market. This item would suit even the smallest of budgets.
  • The easy to clean nozzles and wipe clean finish means less cleaning.
  • This high quality and affordable shower head come with AKDY’s standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so that you can have peace of mind for a year from purchase. As this is such an affordable showerhead, this is a sufficient warranty period to ensure that you get good value for money.

Features Of The AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head, 8″

These great features of the AKDY AZ-6021 allow you to get even more out of this showerhead and may be the deciding factors for you when you are considering making your purchase.

  • Clear plastic surround with brushed chrome finish offers a great look whilst ensuring that all the water is directed towards the user.
  • The wide 8-inch shower head ensures that you can enjoy a wide stream of water and as the mount lets you adjust the angle of the water flow, you can alter the shower to suit your height and your position in the showering area.
  • This showerhead offers you a relaxing rainfall style waterfall experience so that you can have some of the comforts that you would expect from a spa in your own home.
  • Thanks to the restrictor valve, you will be able to save water without sacrificing performance if you have a high-pressure water system. If you have low pressure in your home, the micro nozzles that this showerhead features will ensure that you will not notice any difference in performance.
  • This showerhead comes with everything that you need to install it yourself. You won’t need to worry about the expense of calling a plumber as it is easy to follow instructions and it has a tool-free installation process.


  • New - Features Of The AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower HeadUnique and attractive appearance
  • High quality and durable construction materials including lightweight ABS plastic body
  • Highly affordable
  • Simple installation and use
  • Consistent performance regardless of the pressure of water supply
  • 1-year warranty


Only 1 shower mode means that there is little flexibility to personalize your showering experience.

The brushed chrome finish may not be suitable for every bathroom, as some people prefer polished chrome for their faucets and fittings.


This is a great showerhead for those on a low budget. If you really want to save money whilst getting a showerhead that looks great and can offer you a relaxing showering experience, then this model from AKDY is a great solution. You should be aware that it is a cheaper model and for that reason, it is not as luxurious as other showerheads on the market. If you’re looking for a shower that can give you different spray patterns, you may need to look at some of the expensive options so that you can get more features for your money.

This showerhead will fit nicely in with most modern bathroom’s décor and it will look more expensive than it actually is, making it a great choice for your family bathroom.